About Ocotillo Friends

Founded in March of 2013, Ocotillo Friends was started as a community-based organization that encourages goodwill through the support of local businesses, contributions to individuals in need, and charitable events that maintain a sense of belonging and friendship. Our goal is to bring together residents and businesses of Chandler so they can work together to promote, protect and strengthen the neighborhood and its local economy. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together. We love our community and supporting those around us while developing meaningful relationships.

We currently have over 20,000 Facebook members!

Winner of Chandler Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award- 2014

Here’s a few things you will find…

  • Buy/Sell your personal items on our OF Buy/Sell group
  • Lost pets/Rehoming pets
  • Crime watch
  • Business Recommendations
  • Charity events
  • Travel advice
  • School news
  • Local Business Discounts/Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Did you lose something? Well I found it!
  • Giveaways
  • New Chandler Businesses Opening
  • Advice
  • ISO (in search of)…….
  • Friendship

Here’s what people are saying about us…

  • “Ocotillo Friends is by far the most enjoyable Facebook group I belong to. This group is a powerful testimony to the positive and selfless community we are living in. Whether you are looking for a dentist, lost pet or are in need of assistance, members of Ocotillo Friends are there to help, recommend and rally around those in need. This group makes you feel part of the larger community and allows us to work together to accomplish wonderful things and to meet amazing, like-minded neighbors! Thank you for creating a drama-free, kind-hearted and inspiring network!”

    Jill Gonzalez
  • “Ocotillo Friends has been one of the examples of what great social media is capable of…spreading positive messages, providing help for those who need it and connecting people to resources they need in a trusted environment. Because the administrators have ensured that (well thought out) rules are followed, a group of positive, helpful people are drawn to this group. People regularly use the site to buy and sell things, but they also come to O.F. when they need advice about schools, doctors, service professionals, and even where to go for a date night. We help each other find missing pets and even help families in need of emergency assistance. Ocotillo Friends connects our greater community at large by giving us all a way to communicate quickly, safely and effectively with each other.”

    Christina Burke
  • “I moved to Chandler AZ on Feb 14th 2004 from China. It has been 11 years since I started my new life in this beautiful city. I have watched the city of chandler blooming and have made so many wonderful friends since. I have been an active Facebook user for years because it has given me opportunities to know what’s going on outside my household. Years ago I joined Ocotillo friends , a local Facebook group, among some other local groups as well. But I have to say loud and clear that ocotillo friends is by far THE best local Facebook group ever. I have made some wonderful friends , met some amazing people and bought/ sold many great household stuff. Every time I come contact with someone through OF, I always feel safe and secure. I haven’t met anyone who isn’t honest. The group administrators work really hard to make sure the OF group runs smoothly and nicely . Their hard work do get recognized by all the members. I really appreciate what this group has brought to me and my family! I wish more and more groups will learn from OF and become a big family for many many local residents . Thank you OF!”

    Christian Qian Liu
  • "To us, there are just not enough words. OF has been monumental in making our dreams come true of owning a successful plumbing company. OF members have not just been a business to us, many have become more like family!!! The support and love we have received from Niomee, Debbie, and our Ocotillo Friends has been immeasurable. There's no way we could ever repay these two talented women for everything they've done for us as a business, as people who genuinely care, and as a family. We are more than humbled, honored, and truly thankful for these two ladies who had a dream of their own and created Ocotillo Friends!!!!"

    Nikki Mckee Classic Plumbing
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