• Niomee Baker
    Niomee Baker

    I am Niomee Baker and the other admin for Ocotillo Friends.  Debbie and I have worked together and been the best of friends for over 8 years. Debbie has been my photography assistant since I started my business 8 years ago.  We work so well together and completely complement each other.  I absolutely adore her.

    Here are some fun facts about me:

    • I am a mom to three amazing kids..2 girls, 1 boy.
    • I have a weakness for sweets and love my iced coffee every morning
    • I love, love, love motherhood and my greatest accomplishment is being a mom
    • I live each day with a list…I have to be organized
    • I love ruffles and lace and all things pretty.. I am a girly girl for sure
    • I love small things.. babies.. puppies.. kittens.. and would have a house full if I could
    • I see with my heart and am loyal almost to a fault
    • I love the beach, to travel and document this beautiful life with my camera
    • I love the smell of freshly laundered linens and babies
    • I am a morning person
    • I am definitely a giver and love the feeling of making people happy
    • I truly feel so blessed every day to live this life that I do
  • Debbie Grammer
    Debbie Grammer

    I am Debbie Grammer and I am the founder/admin of Ocotillo Friends.  I loved the idea of getting the community together and NEVER thought I would enjoy running a board as much as I do. Chandler is truly the best community ever!

    Here are some fun facts about me:

    • I am a mom of three…2 boys, 1 girl.
    • I LOVE cheese!
    • Coffee is the first thing I think of in the morning!
    • I am a napper (yep, I admitted it).
    • Love the beach!
    • I was born and raised in Chicago and have been living in Arizona for 24 years!
    • I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of landscapers
    • I have a foot and teeth fetish (ya I know weird- but truthful)
    • I love the LORD, pray everyday and try to do a devotional (try)
    • I never have the radio on in the car
    • I married in Chicago when the weather was -23 degrees!
    • I love rain and thunder!
    • My dog, Daisy is my BFF!
    • I love beer, the darker the better
    • I was a photographer and decided it was easier to work with a photographer than be one. Lucky my BFF was my boss 🙂
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