Our members trust us. We will not advertise products, brands or services that we deem to be offensive or against the core values of Ocotillo Friends. This benefits both our advertisers and our community.

A comment from Randy L. Walters, owner of Wimpy’s Paradise in downtown Chandler. “So proud to be a part of this group and my restaurant was saved literally by the kindness, support and generosity of this group! Before I became a part of this amazing group or met a single member someone shared in this group my open, honest and difficult request for customers that I had only posted on my own page! Within days there were lines out the door, donations given by complete strangers and I was able to keep my doors open! And the support has continued since then! I do my best to pay it forward and give while still working to repay many that I still owe for their work and services provided. It’s a slow process but it is a process that Ocotillo friends made possible. Thank you to the founders and members, my family and I are forever grateful for your kindness, and continued support! Randy, owner Wimpy’s Paradise!”

A comment from T.c. Gould of Dirt Done Cheap Carpet Cleaning.  “Love Ocotillo Friends and what they have done for my family and I with our small Business through the years. We will always be thankful and do special things for this community before any other group out there”.

Who should advertise?

Ideally our advertisers would be small businesses and shops who focus on helping individuals in daily life, whether through products, services, restaurants or something else.

Below is a list of packages available for purchase. As our sites grows so will our prices so it is best to act now and secure your spot at a discounted rate.

Your Customers Are Online…

Your Competition Is Online…

Can You Afford To Not Be Online?


BRONZE PACKAGE- Business Directory Only. Get listed in our business directory. Think of this as the “little black book of local businesses”. You will have access to post on our Facebook page twice a week. You can choose what to promote. Do you have a weekly or month special? Want to do a giveaway? Or just choose to place an image with your business information. You could also post a coupon if you choose and add that to our “deals” link on our website. Everyday we get numerous requests for businesses just like yours. Have your information available and ready for new business. This is yearly one time fee for one person. Not the whole business.


As a OF advertiser, you will become a member of a dynamic networking group, whose purpose is to provide a collaborative outlet for our members to network, connect and support each other, their businesses and the Ocotillo Community. Members will be able to meet and mingle with other members at monthly networking events, attend regular ‘lunch & learn’ sessions and get involved in a new, dynamic business-to-business network. As our local business climate grows and changes, OFAN will work together to ensure our local community is heard at the city level and is involved in the matters that affect us directly.

Your membership now includes:

  • Free attendance at our monthly “Good Morning OFAN”, a regularly scheduled morning gathering on the 4th Tuesday of each month

* Ability to host Good Morning OFAN at your place of business

* Ability to offer “lunch & learn” sessions to share your expertise with the group!

  •  Business directory listing- includes your business name, a clickable website and Facebook url, a 200 word description of a business and all contact information provided under one category. For website advertisers, you also receive a 250 x 250 image on our website in addition to all other business directory listing options.


  • As of January 2018 you will be included in our printed business directory that will be distributed to 10,000 Chandler residents throughout the year. It will only be printed once a year so you need to be an advertiser by January 1st of each year to be included in it. We will have additional options for ads/advertising in our printed business directory also. Our next print will be in January of 2019.


  •  Ocotillo Friends “Preferred Business” window sticker

Whats included: All directory listings include a business name, a clickable website and Facebook url, a 200 or so word description of a business and all contact information provided under one category. All listings are moderated before listing is approved.

**posts with other businesses mentioned (not advertising with OF) are prohibited.

** business newsletters are also not allowed.

12 months (1 payment)- $139 (plus Chandler tax)

— Business logo/image is now included in the yearly price–

DO YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS AT THE TOP OF ALL THE BUSINESSES IN YOUR CATEGORY? For an additional $99 (plus Chandler tax) you can have you business come up first in your business category above. *The only business that would be above yours is if there is a business that advertises on our website with the large ad. You would be just beneath them. Message us for more details.

DO YOU WANT US, OCOTILLO FRIENDS, TO HELP INTRODUCE AND ADVERTISE FOR YOU? For an additional $100 you can have us introduce your business to the group and do a write up on our website page.  We will pin this post to the top of the feed. It will stay pinned for one week. If something important comes up and we need to unpin, we will make up for those days asap. We will tell all about you based from an additional form we will have you fill out. We will also include coupons and/or promotions for your business in our newsletter and post in the group. We will also run/have a giveaway for your business on our group and website page to bring more likes to your business page. Message us for more information.


GOLD PACKAGE- Small Banner Ad. (250 x 250 pixel ad) Ad placement: Front page of our website. You will receive everything that is included in the BRONZE package.  You will also have access to post twice a week on our Facebook page (Ocotillo Friends), choose an image, a video or maybe post a special you are running.


12 month- $420.00 (plus Chandler tax)


Large Banner Ad- The NEW large banner ad has been recently added but we are only taking a select few. You will get a larger full size banner ad with clickable links to your website and/or Facebook page. Gives you the free business listing on our business directory for a year AND gives you the top spot on the business directory for the year. There is only one large banner ad allowed in each business category. Message us for more details or questions you may have. $799


Are you a crafter? Do you make things as a hobby and want to sell them on Ocotillo Friends. We created a special category just for you. If you are interested, please message Debbie or Niomee to see if you fit into this category and an invoice will be sent to you. You will be listed under “crafter/seasonal” category with your name only.

12 months (1 payment)- $30

If you do not see a category for your business- just let us know and we will create one.

*We reserve the right to refuse any advertising we feel is not suitable or appropriate for our visitors and website.

We accept, JPG and PNG files only.

**prices are subject to change**


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