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Introducing.. Luis Washington Lu, M.D. at the Eye Consultants of Arizona
Former Chief Ophthalmologist and founder of the Elk County Eye Clinic / Pennsylvania Eye Consultants, one of the largest practices in north western Pennsylvania, relocated to Arizona in 2014 about a year after his first grandbaby was born, tired of flying with Laura, his wife for 40 years, every other week to see his Gunnar just for the weekend.

Dr. Lu is a former Instructor in Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Lu is an American Board Certified Ophthalmologist and he is also certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery. A fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Ophthalmology, he was the past president of the Elk-Cameron County Medical Society.

He is a past recipient of the American Academy of Ophthalmology Award, American Medical Association Award, Argentinian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian Ophthalmological Society Award, KMSG Study Group Barraquer Award, and Peruvian Medical Society Award for teaching and contributions to medicine.

With a BS in Biology, MD from Medical School, Internship, two years of General Surgery, Three of Ophthalmology at HHC Division of Columbia University; and further training in Lid Reconstructive surgery, and another year in Cornea and External Diseases in New York, the Lu family relocated to Pennsylvania. Affiliated to the University of Pittsburgh, the doctor raised his family and spend time to write 3 books, 25 chapters, and over 500 articles in Continuing Medical Education.
But being closer to the family was even more important than receiving honors and awards, giving lectures, and managing a practice with about 38 employees. So they moved and decided to start a practice in 2015. The office interior design by a LA designer, and construction by Sheila Gardner from Southwest Architects, was completed by June.
The practice was furnished by Eye Designs, Inc. with all digital and computerized State-of-the-Art equipment able to perform digital refractions, exams for lids, cornea, cataracts, glaucoma, tumors, and the ability to perform digital exams of the optic nerves, vessels, macula, and retinal periphery, relating all these findings to the health of the brain, heart, lungs, and large vasculature; as well as performing detail exams for diabetes, arterial hypertension, autoimmune diseases, rosacea, and all different kinds of dry eye syndromes.
The Clinic provides glasses, contact lenses, and specialized exams for neuro-ophthalmology, oncology (A scan, B- scan, UBM), and offers different types of intraocular lens implantation including monofocal, multifocal, long-range implants, and toric implants, from different types of materials.
Living in Chandler has been an amazing change in the Lu family life, moreover been closed to his two sons Michael an Architect, and Andrew a doctor-to be; a wonderful daughter-in-law Karla a Civil Engineer; and finally the love of his life Laura, his wife and nurse R.N.

2490 W Ray Road Suite #4
Chandler, Arizona

Call (480) 857-3333

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