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Susan Dana-Kobey

I am a shareholder at Burch & Cracchiolo. My areas of practice include construction law and personal injury in Arizona and California. I also focus on insurance/coverage disputes, adoptions, guardianships, and family law in Arizona, and serve Spanish speaking clients.

Burch & Cracchiolo is a full service law firm. Our lawyers are among the most highly regarded and recognized leaders in the areas of Business & Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Construction, Creditors’ Rights, Bankruptcy & Reorganization, Default Servicing, Estate & Wealth Preservation Planning, Family Law, Insurance Defense / Personal Injury Litigation, Labor & Employment, Real Estate, and Taxation.

Serving corporate, governmental and individual clients throughout the Southwest and nationally for over 45 years, Known for outstanding and cost-effective representation that emphasizes client objectives. The firm has offices in Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Orange County, California.
Giammarco Law Office PLLC
Tony & Zach Giammarco
Keystone Law Firm
Francisco Sirvent, J.D.

Estate planning is the process of making decisions and preparing legal documents to avoid probate court, save taxes, minimize professional fees and keep control in your hands as long as possible. Who needs an estate plan? Do only the wealthiest 1%? Everyone in Arizona already has one (the laws provide default rules if you don’t create a legal plan), and anyone 18 and over should at least prepare the basic documents to make their own choices. If you don’t set up your own plan, you go through probate. So really, everyone should do estate planning, regardless of age, wealth, or status. We help people to prepare their guaranteed estate plans strictly on a flat fee basis.

When you need a Trust…

If your property and assets exceed the small estate limits, you should consider setting up some type of revocable living trust or trust-substitute. This can only be done while you are alive and still have all of your mental capacity.

Unlike a will, a revocable living trust avoids probate. This is important for your family and heirs after your death, but the most important benefit of using a living trust is to avoid a “living probate”, a conservatorship proceeding.

A revocable living trust is basically a contract between three people: the Trustmaker, the Trustee, and the Beneficiary. In most cases the client sits in all 3 seats at the beginning. This gives you complete control over the trust assets, just as you always have had. A very simple trust might read “I, Francisco P. Sirvent, give $5.00 to the Trustee, Francisco P. Sirvent, to hold for the benefit of the Beneficiary, Francisco P. Sirvent.” But most clients want something that provides more instruction.

The trust will own your assets during your life. The Trustees manage the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

When a death of a Trustmaker occurs, the trust is already the owner of the property. So, upon the death of the client, the duties and responsibility to manage the trust property automatically shifts to the successor Trustee who was hand-chosen for this job by the client.

Of course, any competent estate planning attorney will also prepare a health care power of attorney and a financial durable power of attorney when creating your trust. (We create about a dozen other documents, too!) Both the trust and the power of attorneys are very powerful documents and must be drafted carefully.
Rubezic Law Group
Gordana Rubezic

Husband and wife attorneys, John and Gordi Rubezic, specialize in Arizona injury including, but not limited to, personal injury, wrongful death, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian injuries.
Seiter Law Estate Planning
Marcus Seiter

An Arizona native, Sun Devil, US Marine and family man, I know how important it is to protect your family and their future. I spend my time helping individuals and families create and maintain solid estate plans – truly an important work! The process of estate planning can be a rewarding experience. At Seiter Law, that experience starts before our first meeting. I will provide you with a carefully crafted questionnaire to help you formulate your planning goals and gather all of the important information we need. That questionnaire, along with your feedback, will guide our first discussion. Best of all that discussion is FREE! From there, my job is to give you the attention and guidance you need as we craft a comprehensive plan that is personal to you and your situation. While it is not easy to think about “what if” scenarios, having a strong estate plan can provide peace of mind to you and those you love. To arrange a FREE consultation as an Ocotillo Friends member, please call me at 480-345-3300.

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Stewart Law Group
Scott Stewart

Family Law and Estate Planning Attorneys with 6 offices valley wide.