Automotive Detailing Service

Dark Side Auto Spa
Ken Maksymow

I am a hobbyist willing to provide skilled auto detailing services to my friends and neighbors, giving you better quality services for less then the corporate owned car washes.

If you are looking for professional quality detailing services but don’t want to pay the professional prices or resort to being ripped off by the car wash, then please contact me.

I offer full interior and exterior cleaning with premium quality specialty products. My services range from Headlight Restoration and mild scratch and swirl removal, to sealants and ceramic coatings.

My interior details are performed with dry vapor steam. Steam cleaning reaches into the pores of fabric and other hard surfaces, driving out dirt, grease and chemical residues while killing bacteria and sanitizing those surfaces.

All of my initial exterior details will include paint decontamination with a synthetic clay. This process removes the brake dust and other contaminants that are stuck in your paint that regular washing will not remove.

I can customize my services to whatever you want or need done to your vehicle.

I’ll put the quality of my work up against the car wash any day. If you’re not satisfied with my work, I’ll let you keep your money.

Please contact me with any questions regarding my process, products, or pricing.

Thank you,
480 220-7995