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Rover’s Rest Stop began as a small dog rescue in the Chandler area over 20 years ago. We work with small dogs, matchmaking our “kids” to the perfect home based on lifestyle, activity level, and personal needs. What’s different about Rover’s is that we support the new family and are available throughout their “kid’s” lifetime. We ensure all vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter, basic training etc. are completed prior to adoption. You can always see our available dogs for adoption and view the application at
Having owned a farm and raised many different animals it was clear that was where my heart was. I operate on a holistic / natural basis with fresh foods, fresh air and lots of outdoor exercise. After moving to acreage in Southern Chandler, Rover’s Ranch was opened to further grow and fund the Rover’s rescue operation. We have a 24 hour, indoor, kennel-free boarding and petsitting facility that focuses on one-on-one attention, socializing, fun events, and LOTS of outside/play time. Right now, we only accept small dogs, but would love to expand to medium and large dogs in the future. We like to meet with the dog in their environment before they initially visit the Ranch, so they are familiar and comfortable upon arrival. Please call today to schedule – 480.600.2828. Cash or check only.
We LOVE volunteers and can’t function without them. If you are interested in helping at the Ranch or at events, please contact us at Thank you!