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True REST Float Spa
Jill & John Willhoite

Looking to get away for the stress, anxiety and pain but don’t have the time or money to go on vacation? Now there is a place that’s right here in Chandler, locally owned and operated by Jill & John Willhoite (Chandler residents), that offers you ‘ME TIME’ to help you with just that. Check out True REST Float Spa in Chandler – off Gilbert Rd, in between Germann & Queen Creek (next door to Otaku).

*What is float therapy all about?* Imagine floating in a spacious egg-shaped pod with about 1,000 of pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate (aka Epsom salt) and about 160 gallons of water (only about 10 inches deep). The Epsom salts get absorbed easily into the body through the skin while you float for an hour, virtually gravity free.

*What are the benefits of floating?* The main benefits are: PAIN RELIEF – the Epsom salts calm down inflammation in the body so many people get tremendous relief from conditions such as arthritis and back pain. STRESS/ANXIETY RELIEF – the “me time” helps you more easily go into a deep brainwave state, like a deep meditation, and helps with better sleep. It also DETOXIFIES the body; helps with injury RECOVERY; and it’s great for dermatological conditions such as PSORIASIS and ECZEMA; and so much more…

*What if I’m claustrophobic?* No problem. Just leave the lid open. Or you can prop it partially open by putting a rolled towel between the pod and the lid.

*How is water hygiene maintained?* The natural salinity of the water creates an environment where virtually nothing can grow. Additionally, we used a state-of-the-art filtration system that turns over 3 to 4 times between each client and all also runs all night long. On top of this, we use hydrogen peroxide, ozone and UV light to further help clarify and purify the salt water. It’s likely the most pristine water you will ever go in.

*What if I can’t swim?* We’ve got that covered – the water is only about 10 inches deep and the buoyancy will push your body up and into a float position effortlessly – all you have to do is get into the pod!

*What should I wear?* Your birthday suit is the recommendation! You have your own private suite with a 12 inch rain shower, towels, a changing bench, and all necessary amenities.

*Why are artists, athletes and those with chronic pain floating?* Artists are floating because floating tends to increase creativity. We like to say that we go into the pod as humans and come out as poets. Athletes are floating before their big games/matches to help with mental clarity and performance, and afterwards to aid in recovery. A lot of clients with chronic pain are also finding relief in regularly floating.

*How much does it cost?* The new client special is $59. The most cost effective way to continue floating is via our month-month membership; we have various plans depending on how often you want to float.

We hope to see you soon so you too can start spreading the love of floating! <3

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