Health & Wellness

A Transformed Life Studio
Sandy O’Neal

I am an Integrative Wellness Practitioner and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach using positive guided imagery helping my clients create the lives they desire by supporting them in achieving their goals of weight reduction, freedom from smoking, improving personal & business relationships, and specializing in reducing anxiety/stress/fears/phobias, improving self-confidence & pain management. I work with clients 1:1 and with groups/workshops.
Healthy Tomorrows
Megan Spears

Healthy Tomorrows is a Nurse Practitioner led house call practice that started from the idea that all people deserve quality health care services delivered in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Now that people are living longer it is proved that their quality of life and happiness can be improved by having necessary medical services delivered to them without the hassle of urgent care facilities and emergency rooms or the wait of the traditional doctor’s office.
Healthy Tomorrows now offers a completely new approach to the medical care, you can now schedule your appointment from the comfort of your home and visit with one of our nurse practitioners at your next available convenience via your video capable phone or latop.
Infinity Health and Wellness
Jackson Fuller/Vincent Broussard

At Infinity Health & Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach to treating the mind and body. We are determined to coordinate a wellness program that provides the most comprehensive approach to total wellness. We’re passionate about delivering the outcome you desire and deserve. Your health is our top priority. We constantly seek new medical solutions that are effective and affordable. We will design a program catered specifically to your unique health profile. Visit our clinic to experience what we have to offer. We are confident that you will invite us to join you on your path to long-term health and wellness.
It Works!- Real Slim Lady
Lisa Kirkland