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The PoultryMate is the fastest way to cook a turkey, a chicken or any type of poultry. It is a highly conductive bar that uses the heat in the oven to cook your bird from the inside out while the oven is cooking from the outside in. Using the PoultryMate will reduce your cooking time approximately in half compared to traditional roasting times. It can be used with either stuffed or unstuffed turkeys, chicken, geese, ducks or capons. You can get that beautiful, crispy golden brown skin and still have really succulent white and dark meat.

How would you like to spend two hours less preparing your Thanksgiving meal and get a better tasting turkey? Now you can! Since the cooking time is dramatically reduced, the breast meat stays moist, tender and really flavorful. The PoultryMate not only saves you time, but also gives you a better result.

Advantages of using the PoultryMate
·         Cuts your cooking time in half
·         Keeps meat moist and tender
·         No brining
·         No basting
·         Easy to use
·         Won’t wear out

If you like to stuff your turkey, using the PoultryMate eliminates the two problems associated with stuffing a turkey – either undercooked stuffing, which could lead to salmonella poisoning, or dry breast meat, because the turkey was overcooked trying to eliminate the potential of salmonella poisoning. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy savory and flavorful breast meat, without the fear of getting sick from undercooked stuffing. Using the PoultryMate accomplishes this goal for you.
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