Music- Schools & Private Instruction

Chandler Children’s Choir
Ashley Arp, Exec Dir

The Chandler Children’s Choir (CCC) is an auditioned community choir founded in 2008 with an original group of 27 children who love singing. Today, CCC continues its dedication to the vocal education of youth with our focus on vocal fundamentals, classic repertoire, and varied performances. We are now the premier children’s choir in the East Valley, with over 150 students participating.
The Singer’s Connection
Satyam Patel

The Singer’s Connection specializes in voice lessons and workshops! Our lessons are focused on identifying bad habits and prescribing exercises to eliminate any and all issues. In other words, we teach you HOW to sing and you decide WHAT to sing!

Benefits of being at student at The Singer’s Connection:

All we do is teach! Rather than selling instruments, sheet music, etc., we are free to specialize in one thing: Providing the highest quality of instruction!

We love working with beginners as well as professional singers! We have taught students as young as 6 years old…and our oldest singers are in their 80’s!!

Having worked with thousands of voices, our knowledge allows us to teach what our students want to learn!

Because we’ve spent hundreds of hours studying the inner workings of the voice, we can correct vocal issues quickly!

We offer FREE vocal workshops to community choirs & theaters, local churches, and nearby schools in order to share the benefits of healthy singing!

We cater to the Chandler/Gilbert area but our location is close to the 101 Freeway, making it easy access to people all over the Valley!

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