Tutoring Services

Lively Minds Tutoring
Candace Heiken

Lively Minds Tutoring is an educational tutoring firm providing dedicated and focused tutoring in order to foster academic strengths, cultivate effective study skills, and instill a genuine confidence built on achievement. Lively Minds Tutors are professional educators who create individual learning plans based on each student’s needs. We provide affordable and effective tutoring, and we know how to help your child. We are passionate about creating life-long learners. Lively Minds offers in-home, individual instruction in all academic subjects for grades PreK through 12. We provide academic coaching to teach students executive functioning and study skills. We also offer academic intervention to support students with differentiated learning needs.

Swartz Tutoring
Kyle Swartz

Hello! My name is Kyle Swartz and I offer tutoring in science, math, English and History for those in middle school through High school. For those in college, I offer MCAT tutoring having scored in the top 1%. I am a Chandler High Graduate who recently completed schooling at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. While at Chandler, I earned an IB diploma and took eight AP tests scoring 5’s on them all. I graduated from SMU Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor of science in Biochemistry and a minor in English. I bring expertise in both subjects and test taking to my students. Your child will feel challenged and have fun with Swartz Tutoring’s thorough evaluation and tutoring services. Together, we can make a brighter future for your star student.