Cuisine & Wine Bistro – Chandler
Fabrice and Mairead Buschtetz

Cuisine & Wine Bistro – Chandler opened in August 2016, about 18 months after a sister location opened in Gilbert in March 2015. Fabrice and Mairead Buschtetz purchased the former MWC Bistro in Gilbert and launched their first U.S. restaurant after three decades of owning and running restaurants in Fabrice’s native France. While retaining committed to serving a variety of excellent wines, Cuisine & Wine Bistro’s menu allows Fabrice’s creativity in the kitchen to tickle the taste buds of the restaurant’s growing and faithful clientele. The couple, who met in their teens in France, have owned and operated restaurants for most of their married life. They opened their first restaurant when Fabrice was 19 and Mairead was 20. His parents and grandparents had owned restaurants, so he was “born into it,” Mairead said. Their three children – sons, Steven and Killian, and daughter, Laura – and their daughter-in-law – Clementine also work for the two bistros.

Cuisine & Wine Bistro – Chandler