Organic Skin By Myriam
Myriam Valenzuela

Formulated by Myriam Valenzuela with 100% high quality natural ingredients and medicinal plants extracts for your beauty and well being.

What you put on your body matters as much as what you put in your body. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. From that, over 60% of what we apply gets absorbed directly into our bloodstream, with our face being more permeable and armpits absorbing at a rate of 100%.

With that said, it is very important that you pay close attention to the ingredients in your skin care routine. Most mainstream companies contain harmful ingredients such as toxic chemicals, colors and fragrances that make their way into your body, blood and lymphatic system. Those harsh ingredients are a combo of carcinogens, allergens and irritants.

We care about our body, your body and our environment, that’s why we provide a 100% chemical free, all natural alternative that harnesses the power of medicinal plants to create a high quality skincare that give better results than conventional products.

*All of our products are made with organic 100% natural ingredients.
*No chemicals, toxins, colors or fragrances involved in our skincare.
*We are completely transparent about our formulas, no hidden ingredients.
*100% cruelty free, no animal testing, no animal products or by products.
*Products are handmade without severe heating or processes that affect the power of the natural ingredients.
*100% Vegan

Live a wholesome life while helping the environment by eating clean foods, exercising and using all natural organic products in your daily life.
Verde Salon & Spa
Stephanie Schmidt

Verde Salon & Spa is proud to offer a holistic, non-toxic approach to hair, skin, and nail care as well as massage. We have carefully curated the best products from around the world that are ethically produced, safe to use, and extremely effective! Offering gluten-free, PETA certified, hair care, makeup, facial wax… we have been a Chandler business for 7 years now and are proud to be a Green Business Bureau Gold Certification salon.
Julie Thomas

We all want to eat healthy, plus save time and money. Wildtree takes healthy meal planning to another level by combining delicious recipes with healthy ingredients. We make it simple to feed your family nutritious meals every day.

Think of Wildtree as your “Menu Helper”
** If you enjoy creating new culinary delights, choose from our Make Fresh selections.
** For people with busy schedules, we offer Make Fast options.
** On a budget and you need to save both time and money? You will love our Make Ahead meals.

If you’re like me, you’ll use a combination of all three every month!

Wildtree products are made from all natural, certified organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced from farms & suppliers across the globe. All ingredients are free from GMO’s, MSG and artificial flavors/colors. Many products are certified gluten-free, dairy-free and Kosher. Our facility is 100% peanut free.

Wildtree also offers a business opportunity for those who want to make a little extra income or desire a rewarding career. Wildtree offers you flexibility, freedom, and the satisfaction of knowing you are impacting lives globally.

Menu Planning consultations are Free ~ I would love to share with you all Wildtree has to offer!