Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join the group, how do I go about sending in my request??


My friends want to join and they have been having a problem getting accepted into the group. What can I do to speed this up??

Please have them request to join the group thru the Ocotillo Friends group page. NOTE: Members can also request and message the admins with this information. Cross streets must be included with the message. We won’t just accept everyone who requests– residency has to be verified. Doing it this way cuts down on SPAM and protects our members.

Why is this group called Ocotillo Friends when it covers all of Chandler??

When the group was created, Debbie had no idea how popular Ocotillo Friends would become. Truth: She lives off of Ocotillo Road and thought okay- Ocotillo Friends it is. People now know the group by Ocotillo Friends. We have thought about changing it but that may cause too much confusion.

Why is there members living outside of the Chandler radius??

Back in March of 2013 when the group was formed. We accepted members outside of Chandler because we never had any idea how big this would grow too. We have a lot of members who don’t live in Chandler area but are awesome sellers/buyers. They are grandfathered in with the understanding that they need to accomodate the Chandler resident with pick ups.

Can businesses join Ocotillo Friends??

At this time Facebook will not allow up to businesses. Only actual members. We do however have a Business Directory in which you can provide your business information.

Contact OF Admin

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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