Rules, Please Read

~If you are 18+, reside in the Chandler area and want to join Ocotillo Friends or Ocotillo Friends buy/sell, please submit your request here. In order to speed up the process, send a message to Niomee with your cross streets (note, exact address is not necessary).

~Contact us any time you need our assistance. We will try and mediate if there is a misunderstanding and advocate for a happy resolution. Rude behavior, blocking an admin and not following the rules will result in being deleted from the groups. Admins may delete old posts and heated comments.

~We do not allow business advertising posts on Ocotillo Friends or Ocotillo Friends buy/sell unless you are listed in our business directory!! Please message us to find out how you can be added.

Items you may not sell on Ocotillo Friends buy/sell:

Weapons of any kind (knives, firearms, etc.), expired car seats, drop-down cribs, any recalled products, prescription or illicit drugs, female products, adult themed products, animals (you may post a rehoming fee only), baby formula (you may post baby formula for FREE only), syringes or alcohol. Lastly, no SPAM!

Replica products (such as purses, wallets) can be posted and sold. You must state that the item is a replica in the post.

We want to keep this group running smoothly and be a positive experience- so here are the rules:

1. Be Respectful. No slandering. Keep unkind comments to yourself! This includes negative comments about restaurants or businesses also. This group resides in a “NO DRAMA ZONE”. Snarky/rude comments will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned. No personal public humiliation or bashing (photo, etc). This also includes buyers and sellers who are doing a transaction and messaging back and forth inappropriate comments (example: “I will blast you on social media”).

2. Keep all correspondence for order of interest in the comment section of the post. (texts/pms can confirm details only) The 1st person to post “Interested” is the 1st person in line. You may request to be “Next” in line. The 1st person must decline before the next in line can take dibs. If someone asks dimensions/specifics, please consider that as “Interest” and wait for a decline to move on to next. If a member is tagged in a post by another member, it is only to make that person aware of something they may be interested in (this does not secure their position).

• We do not operate this board under “first person to come gets it”.

• You may NOT sell “out from under” the 1st in line buyer. (i.e.- someone offers more $ or you sell to “Who gets here 1st” after committing to a buyer). If this happens, seller & aggressive buyer will be banned.

  •  You may not “hijack” a listing- (example: you have the same item you would like to sell, you can not post “I have one too, price is…”. Make your own post.

3. COMMUNICATE ? If you are truly Interested in an item, make a plan! Stay engaged with the seller to set up a time to view or pick up item. Dropped conversations are frustrating and the seller should NOT have to chase you down! If a potential buyer drops the conversation for more than 3 hrs, without letting the seller know (work, carpool, meeting, appt), the seller can move to the next in line. Seller/buyer should work together on transaction details. Buyer must let seller know ASAP if deciding to “Pass”.

In the case of large/heavy items, the buyer may need additional time to make arrangements for pick up. The seller will possibly ask for a deposit. If the the buyer ends up backing out, refunding the money is totally up to the seller.

Communication is also necessary when booking a service with one of advertisers. Example, you can not make an appointment you scheduled last week to get your hair done. You must call and cancel. It is very rude to just no-show. Now you have left the service provider with an open spot- and a lose of income.

THERE IS NO NEGOTIATING OF PRICE WHEN YOU GO TO PICK UP THE ITEM!!!! If the seller has $10 on the item and you say interested, you must pay the $10 when you get to the location to pick up the item!! If an item has no interest for a while then that would be a time to ask if they would take less. You must pay the price agreed on before showing up at the door to pick up.

4. We are a Chandler based group. So you may only sell items if you live in Chandler or Gilbert. If you live outside the Chandler area and are utilizing this group please be prepared to drive to the seller/buyer when selling/purchasing an item. Arrangements can be made to meet as well, if both parties agree. There will be times, like in the case of heavy items (furniture, piano) that are just impossible to meet a buyer or deliver. Seller must list cross streets.

5. Every selling post/photo must show price, description and cross streets of where you are located. Posting your cross streets allows the buyers to know where you are located and where they will need to pick up the item. If you live outside of Chandler you need to go to the buyer/seller in Chandler to exchange the item you are selling or buying.

6. DELETE your post after the sale. If you post, you must DELETE!

7. Create albums if uploading 5+ pictures. Use a photo collage app for multiple views of single item. Make sure descriptions are on all photos, as they separate from the album when commented on. If you are not going to be uploading pics to an album please space your posts out.

8. We NO LONGER allow CROSS POSTING when selling. If you post it in OF buy/sell..remove it before posting it in another group.

9. No duplicate posts. Bump the original post 1x/24hrs to the top of the news feed by typing in the comment section (bump, …). You may bump an item/post twice.  If you bump more than twice it will be deleted. It may be the time to think about donating the item.

10. Utilize the SEARCH feature (magnifying glass located in the upper right hand corner) when looking for a referral, previous post, member, or item. This helps to avoid duplicate posts. We have a business directory that has many of the businesses that OF members have referred over the years. You can also check that first on the website.

11. There will be no political topics etc posted on Ocotillo Friends as well as any controversial issues of any sort. These only end up with a heated debate and you will get yourself deleted.

12. Giveaways— we love giveaways and so do the members. Giveaways are to be administered by the admins of Ocotillo Friends for non-directory advertisers (at the discreation of the admins). Paid directory members can promote their own giveaways. If you would like to offer a giveaway we would love to hear from you. This includes promotions for your business. Please contact us for details. NOTE: There are FB rules we must follow to stay compliant.

13. Regarding animals. There will be no selling of animals on Ocotillo Friends. A reasonable rehoming fee is necessary but absolutely NO selling of animals. When listing an animal for rehoming we will not follow the regular protocol of “NEXT”. Just post “INTERESTED” and the person listing will contact you to arrange a “Meet & Greet”. It is up to the rehomer to choose the best family/person for the animal. You may also not post looking for a breeder and give out a name of a breeder publicly. We are a very pro-rescue group.

14. By no means are you able to spam/copy the members list of Ocotillo Friends. Doing so will be an automatic deletion of your account.

15. It is up to the members to choose wisely when purchasing/using services from members/businesses on Ocotillo Friends. Ocotillo Friends is not responsible for any mishaps (including and not limited to used items and food products). It is the buyers responsibility to ask for a food handlers license if they choose and it is the sellers responsibility to provide when asked). This also applies to businesses listed in our Ocotillo Friends Business Directory. It is up to YOU, the member to ask for any credentials (business license/bonded, insurance).  This applies to all businesses listed in our business directory or recommendations made by the members of Ocotillo Friends. Do your homework.

16. Effective 10-1-2015 Ocotillo Friends requires businesses who choose to advertise/post regarding their business to purchase a business directory. The yearly fee is $139.00. If you are not a business listing member and you post, your post will be deleted. We also offer a “crafters listing” for those homemade items.

17. Posts regarding Garage Sales & Estate Sales will be considered just for awareness and are to go on OCOTILLO FRIENDS BUY/SELL page. There will be no holds. Please post date, time and address (if you choose) or have them pm you for the address.

18. Exchanges/Refunds: It is your responsibility to check out the item you are purchasing before you leave the meet up location. Ocotillo Friends will not mediate any exchanges or refunds. If you find you want to return or exchange the item- please work with the buyer directly, some may be flexible/accomodating, some may not. (This includes and is not limited to any electronics, phones, iPads, computers, computer programs).

19. You may not buy an item on Ocotillo Friends buy/sell and turn around and sell it for a profit. This includes consignment shops. You also may not buy items retail and turn around and sell it on Ocotillo Friends for profit (example: you buy 5 hot Frozen dolls for $12 and post them on Ocotillo Friends for $50). This would be considered a business and it should remain on your business page.

20. All GO FUND ME/YOU CARING posts must be approved from admins before posting on Ocotillo Friends. Please do not ask the admins to start a Go Fund Me account for you. THANKS SO MUCH! Individual requests for fundraisers will not be allowed. However, team fundraising will be allowed for Chandler residents only.

21. MLM/DS (direct sales companies), must disclose company/product within their post.

22. Concert/sports tickets may be sold for a higher price. Price must be included in your post.

23. If you are in direct sales (aka network marketing/MLM) and you are active with your company, in order to post on OF, you must purchase an annual ad in the OF Business Directory. Only those with an active ad in our directory are permitted to post on the OF Facebook Group. Posts are limited to 2 per week. If you are no longer active with your direct sales company and you have product that you are wanting to sell, you may do so on the OF Facebook Group, with the limitation that you may only bump your post 2 times per week, NOT once every 24 hours. You may not sell your overstocked items unless you have a business listing.

There will be NO promoting of other groups PERIOD. If you promote another group your post will be deleted and it may result in a REMOVAL from the group.

This is NOT a public group and no one is entitled to a membership. Membership will be withheld or revoked at our discretion and with or without an explanation. If you have a question about the group, PM admin as public posts may be considered abuse and will result in membership being revoked. Please help to keep the wall drama free.

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