How to stop receiving notifications on a post you commented on or were tagged in:

Click on “Unfollow Post” underneath the post. This is helpful if you no longer wish to receive notifications on a post you were previously “following” because you liked it, commented on it, or were tagged in it. Likewise, click “Follow Post” if you want to start getting notifications when someone comments.

Stop group posts from showing on your personal newsfeed:

Locate one of these unwanted posts on your personal newsfeed, then find the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Select “Hide” then “Hide all from…”

Trying to find a post you made or commented on?

Go to your profile. Click on “Activity Log” on the top. Then find “groups” in the left side list. This will show you all activity you have done in groups — if you liked something, commented on something, posted something….

Finding your “Other” Folder in Messages:

Sometimes messages you get from people who are not your friends will go into the “Other” Folder. To find these messages, click on your Messages icon, then See All. Now, at the top of this page, above your recent conversations, you will see “Other.” Click on this to see all messages from everyone who is not your friend. Check this often – you do not receive a notification when this happens.

Setting Notifications for Groups:

Near the top of a group under their cover photo, is a Notifications Button. There are 3 options: All Posts – receive a FB notification every time someone makes a new post. Friend’s Posts – receive a notification when one of your friends makes a post. Off – do not receive ANY notifications when someone posts. This last option is probably the one you want to have selected, as you will be coming to the group to look at everything often anyway.

Using the “Search” feature in a group:

Near the top of a group is a Magnifying Glass button. Click this, then enter a single keyword or name from a post or comment you are trying to find. This will bring up a list of results containing this word from the last 2 weeks. If you are getting no results, try using part of a word instead – “bed” instead of “daybed” or “Steph” instead of “Stephanie”

Editing your comments because you made a typo or forgot to add something:

After submitting your comment, put your mouse in the top right corner of the comment to see the options “Delete” or “Edit.” Select Edit, and then you will be able to go back and fix it to how you want it instead. Use Delete if you want to delete your comment entirely.

Tagging someone in a post or comment so they receive a notification:

Simply start typing the person’s name using a capital letter. After a few letters, similar names will drop down below. Keep typing more of the name to weed out the results and find exactly who you want to tag. If this does not work, start over with a @ before typing their name, again with a capital letter.

Editing the description on your photos:

Click on your photo so it comes up in the black Photo Viewer. Then click the “Edit” button to the right of the pic to add text and information about your photo. Similarly, you may add location and tag people in a photo. Then click “Done.”

How to recognize if someone has you blocked and how to block someone:

If a member of a group you are in has you blocked, you will see their name show in black letters and it will not be clickable. You will not be able to interact with these members, comment on their posts, or tag them. If you wish to block someone from interacting with you, go to their profile page (use the FB search box up top) then select the Gear Icon (usually next to Message at the top of their profile) and select “Report/Block”. Previously, members were not able to see anything from people who have them blocked, but now they just show in black letters. Don’t try to be sneaky – they can still see your posts.

Sending a Private Message to another person:

Hover your mouse over the member’s name you wish to message. Then click on “Message.” If you do not see a “Message” button, go to their profile instead. Sometimes a member has too many options to display in the shortcut view, and Message is usually the first to be cut out.

Common Ocotillo Friends Lingo:

ISO= In Search Of

PPU=Pending Pick-Up: This means that pick-up is pending on the item. You can still signify interest in the item in the event the buyer doesn’t show up.

Sold: This means the item is sold, but the buyer never took the listing down.

Pass: This shows that you no longer have interest in the item and you’re passing on it. Thus, the seller can go to the next buyer.

Bump= By typing “bump” you push your post to the top

OF= Ocotillo Friends

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